CERPASS® is for businesses needing an SAP access risk and compliance solution that is cloud-based, fast and easy to use. Raise your compliance with CERPASS®.

Access risk within SAP applications affects all who run SAP solutions, not just the big end of town. CERPASS® is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for businesses that do not have specialist in-house resources and large enterprise-sized budgets.

The Better Way to Manage SAP Application Access Risk, Governance, and Compliance

CERPASS® takes the complexity out of SAP application access risk management, making raising compliance easy for all. It is ideal for businesses that need a practical solution, that is priced effectively and fully supported on the SAP® Business Technology Platform.


Take control of SAP application access risk


SAP access risk is easy to see and action

Customisable dashboards for operational, executive and board level reporting.


Straightforward to configure and use

Transforms traditionally complex access risk management processes.


Access rule set

Based upon years of proven experience in security design and risk management.


Seamless integration to SAP applications

Always in-sync to your SAP solution.


An access risk tool within reach

Affordable value without needing expensive specialist internal expertise.